# Draw

# photos and observation

  • deep shadows will appear pure black in photo due to clipping.

  • colors tend to shift or weaken in chroma. subtle between adjacent warm or cool colors are not registered.

  • turn photo into black and white, to remove the influence of color, and loss of subtlty

  • take two exposures, one for darks and one for lights.

# color corona

extreme bright source is surrrounded by a region of corona

# annular highlights

highlights form a circle

# caustics

caustic projections in underwater

# hair

visualize masses of hair as ribbons, use big brushes, keep masses simple, soften the edges, control the highliths

# color zone of the face

yellow red blue

# healing color

green - blue - indigo - violet

# cool light, warm shadow

  • the hue, saturation, brightness of a background color can induce opposite qualities in an object sitting in front of it.

  • local colors appear consistent, due to human's experience.

  • small colored object becomes less distinct

# color accent

a small area of color that is noticetable different